Why did Facebook suspend Donald Trump’s account?

This is not the first time that Facebook has taken such severe action against Donald Trump. In fact, the suspension of Donald Trump’s Facebook & Instagram accounts comes after the Capitol Riot that happened on Jan 6th. So, to understand why Facebook suspended Donald Trump’s account, we need to know about the Capitol Riots.

What was the Capitol Riot that happened on Jan 6th?

Put simply, on Jan 6th, Trump’s followers stormed at the United States Capital and created a ruckus. It was believed that Trump incited that violence through his social media activities.

Hence, Facebook had immediately frozen his Facebook & Instagram accounts on Jan 7th.

The matter was under investigation. And now that it has been clear that Trump was in fact, involved in inciting violence, Facebook has decided to suspend his account for 2 years.

So, this is why Facebook suspended Donald Trump’s account.

That means Donald Trump can get his account back only on Jan 7, 2023!

This is a huge step. As this is the first time, a social media giant or company has blocked a head of state’s account.      Facebook suspend Donald Trump’s account

Facebook has also warned Trump that if he violates their company rules again after he gets his account back on Jan 7th 2023, then his Facebook and Instagram accounts will face sanctions again. 

Let’s see how Trump reacts to this news, on Jan 7th 2023, of course!

This news also leads to another new development:

Facebook puts an end to its contentious policy where it treated posts shared by politicians as more important than normal posts.

As a result, politicians were exempted from certain moderations that is normally used for posts.

As Facebook suspended Donald Trump’s account, it also ended this policy. Hence now even politicians’ posts will have to go through moderation.

Now that we know why did Facebook suspend Donald Trump’s account, we should also know about his response, shouldn’t we?

Well, what are your views about Facebook’s decision to suspend Donald Trump’s account? Do you think Facebook did the right thing? Let us know in the comments!

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