What are Google My Business Ranking Factors in 2021?

Google My Business is a business listing feature provided by Google. With the help of this feature, you can list your business in Google and appear in searches related to your business. However, there are many businesses that provide the same service as you. And featuring at the top of Google My Business ensures that people visit your business website rather than your competitors. This is where Google My Business Ranking Factors come into play.

Taking care of Google My Business Ranking Factors helps you rank higher in these listings.  And eventually, get more traffic to your website.

So, how do you rank higher in Google My Business?

Top Google My Business Ranking Factors 2021

Backlinks for Landing Page

All the pages which are linked with your Google My Business listing, the quality of backlinks, and relevancy is a major factor related to Backlinks for GMB ranking.
Testing was done for the backlinks between a few root domains and linked pages with Google My Business, as the result was clear that the page was linked with Google My Business effect of backlinks with more rank.

So if you are starting with a new listing and a new website, then you should try to focus on specific backlinks of that page (industrial or location) of your website which you are going to link with Google My Business. You can use this factor in the reverse method too. You can take out the list of top-linked pages of your website using the Google search console, check which page is externally linked, and linked that page with Google My Business.

Keywords in Landing Page URL

The page which is linked with Google My Business and the keywords inside the URL is another ranking factor. The landing page URL does not mean that you have to take a domain name with any keyword on a landing page. Suppose your listing is related to dental business and your domain is example.com, then you make a landing page on this domain, whose URL can be example.com/dentist, and then you can add this page with Google My Business.

Correct Categories

In Google My Business, primary categories and additional categories should be correct as it is another major Google My Business ranking factors. The primary categories tell Google about your primary listing area and additional categories tell you about the specific expertise. You can use or select the correct categories for gaining better rank and more traffic.

Updated Google My Business Listing

Complete Google my business profile is still a big ranking factor. Most of those areas which you may not be utilized are like opening dates, attributes, and description filling correctly is very important.


The post of Goggle My Business can be another ranking factor if you focus on the post description. The text you are writing in your description regarding your post, and you can use the keywords naturally for the listing of the correct query you can show in a Google search result. With the content of the post and even with the hashtag keywords, you can get more traffic and gain rank quite early for your listing.


In the text of reviews, should have a product, services, and the presence of a keyword is very important. Many people focus on how many reviews they have or the average star rating in their reviews. But if the name of your company or product name is used in text reviews and if your keywords are also used naturally in reviews, then the bad effect on the rank of the listing will be seen. It doesn’t mean that you create many Gmail IDs and post self-reviews. This leads to suspending your Google listing, and these reviews will also not be genuine.

You can request your customer and guide them while providing a review in place of this. They should always mention those services and products which they have purchased from you. With the help of these keywords, your product and services automatically come to the review. Bots can understand English as well as Hindi, both languages. So by understanding both languages of your reviews, your rank will be affected automatically.


Citations of 10 to 15% importance are lost in reviews keywords and landing page backlinks. They must be of high quality as they are very useful.

Product or Services

There is no direct proof of involvement of products and services in the ranking factor. Technically, the product and services should be available in Google My Business, they should impact ranking factors. As it happens, it happens, it happens in reviews, and, unfortunately, it has not been happening.

Take care of these Google My Business Ranking Factors

So, if your listing is new, then you keep attention on these Google My Business ranking factors. You can ignore products and services for some time. These ranking factors tell you about the elements for the main ranking factors. And you will know which factors you have given more attention to and which less.

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