Trending Blog Niches 2022 in India

If we look at the recent search trends, Trending Blog Niches 2022 in India are mostly related to health, finance, news & current affairs, entertainment, and politics. This blog shows you Trending Blog Niches, Let’s start…

Most of the searches are broadly related to Covid-19 updates, sports, special events, Entertainment industry-related news, IPOs & Crypto-currency, politics, health-related. This blog shows you Trending Blog Niches, Let’s start…

Trending Blog Niches 2022 in India:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Entertainment and current news
  3. Special days and events
  4. Lifestyle blog
  5. Personal Finance

Health and Fitness:

While we can cover a wide range of topics in this niche, we can focus on immunity, natural foods, and any other topics that relate to the current searches.

So, our top category under this niche could be Covid & Health. We can cover a wide range of articles under this.

However, it might be difficult to rank in this niche as Google’s recent update has made it compulsory for health and finance websites to have verified authors who have years of experience in their sector.

Google’s rules for ranking in this niche are a bit stricter than other niches.

Solution: We need to write on topics that have very little information on the web.

We can start with topics with low search volume and low available information and gradually move towards topics with high search volume.

Entertainment and Current News:

This is a niche where we can cover a lot of topics. We should cover topics related to the latest news and if possible cover regional news so that we can rank higher.

Speed matters a lot in this niche.

Special days and events:

While there are many blogs related to this, this niche can be a huge bonus for affiliate links.

We need to be prepared with a special day list and events beforehand and publish them before others. We can also write regional content here as there will be less competition.

Blog articles, gift ideas, quotes, etc. are some types of content we can work on.

Lifestyle Blog:

There are many topics we can cover in this niche. Some popular categories include mom’s blog, housekeeping, food, pets care, basic finance, or a collection of all.

We can choose one category to work on it.

Personal Finance:

Another trending blog niche that has gained more popularity since lockdown.

Topics that can be covered here are savings, investments, insurance, tax, and basic financial terms & news.

However, Google’s new update makes it difficult to rank topics on finance. They look for authorized sources and the reputation of the website before ranking articles on finance.

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