Top 10 App Store Optimization Tools 2022

You want to build an app and know how to do it, which is fantastic. So, you’re actively working on your app’s development. You have worked on your app at all hours of the day and night, putting in all of your efforts, whether it’s financial or labor-intensive. Finally, you’re finished and delighted with the results. But do you know whether it is truly up to the task, if it will surpass the market competitors, or if it will deliver significant benefits? Let’s see Top 10 App Store Optimization Tools 2022

Regardless of how much work you put into it or how well the production is, the application needs expert optimization before it can be published to the market. The competition is fierce; thousands of apps perform nearly the same thing. You can’t just rely on destiny to get recognized and compensated for all the hard work you put into your app. 

App Store optimization is a phase you don’t want to neglect, and if you do, you’ll be sorry.

  • What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?
  • Why is it important to use app store optimization?
  • Top 10 App Store Optimization Tools 2022
What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the strategy of optimizing app exposure and conversion rates in app marketplaces. Aside from ranking high in app store search results, ASO also considers click-through rate (CTR). This implies you must persuade users to click on your app profile once they encounter it. You can manage this by customizing your app’s name, title, icon, thumbnails, and review. The most famous app stores are App Store for iOS and Google Play store for Android.

Why is it important to use app store optimization?

The better an app ranks in the app store, the more valuable it looks to people. Moreover, people do not go scroll down full search results or click on every other app. The rank is closely related to the number of downloads, reviews, and solid optimization. The user will believe the rating anyway.

Advantages of ASO:

  • Get Noticed by potential users
  • Increase the profit and conversion rates 
  • Long-term Organic App Downloads
  • Makes you stand out of the crowd
  • Reduce Consumer Marketing Expenses
  • Gain Worldwide Audience
Get Noticed by potential users:

To ensure being noticed by potential users ASO is necessary. Is it enough for your app to just get noticed? No, right?

It must also be seen by the right users. By right users, we mean those who will give your app a chance rather than simply ignoring the app after noticing it. App Store Optimization (ASO), connects you with the correct audience by matching your app to ASO useful keywords that people commonly search for. Finally, when you emerge among the top searches that make your app relevant.

Boost the revenue and conversion rates of your app:

You can monetize your app in a range of ways. In-app advertisements, in-app purchases, and subscriptions are a few examples of this. Commonly, many of you may opt to run advertisements to attract more users and generate more revenue. However, if your app store ranking page is not turning, or encouraging people to download your application, the money you spent on marketing is a loss. Remember that App Store Optimization also includes Conversion Rate Optimization, which is the process of persuading users to click and download your app.

Long-term Organic App Downloads:

A solid ASO approach will surely increase organic downloads and assure long-term popularity. Because when people search for key terms relating to your app, yours will be on the search list and people can easily discover your app. You can ensure the efficacy of your efforts by analyzing and renewing programs on a constant schedule.

Makes you stand out of the crowd:

How will someone download your app if they cannot find it? Therefore, even if the app is an exceptional one but not easily accessible, you will not achieve the hype you expect. Certain requirements must be met in order to be detected, and an ASO may assist you in determining those conditions. 

Reduce Consumer Marketing Expenses:

Rather than paying extra on advertisements, you may cut your consumer marketing expenses by concentrating on organic growth through ASO. This will save you cash and guarantee consistent app growth. Furthermore, the money you spend on hefty adverts can be used to advance your app. As your app grows in popularity among your target audience, ad publishers may approach you with requests to run advertising on your app; in this way, you will be compensated to run ads for others. As a result, organic growth is being converted into revenue.

Gain Worldwide Audience:

ASO will assist you in taking your app worldwide. Yes, most people understand English since it is a globally recognized language, but some individuals prefer native languages because they are easier to learn. Making your app multilingual is thus not only a professional move, but it also keeps you linked globally. You can attract more people from all around the world to identify your app by making it available in other languages via an App Store Optimization method known as localization.

Top 10 App Store Optimization Tools 2022

The success of your app or mobile game is dependent on app store optimization. Using ASO tools to accomplish it correctly is a wise decision. Check out this list I made together if you need help deciding on the finest app store optimization tool.

Note: These ASO come at a cost; you’ve already invested a lot of money on your app development, so why not pay a bit more when the cost is so rewarding?

Let’s get going!


Apptweak is one of the top apps and game ASO tools. PayPal, Jam City, Yelp, Big Fish, Amazon, Expedia, Adobe, Udemy, and LinkedIn are among Apptweak’s clients.

AppTweak, which was started in 2014, services users from all around the world, with offices in Brussels, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Bengaluru. AppTweak was named the “Best ASO Tool” by the App Growth Awards community and was named the 6th Fastest-Growing Technology Company in Belgium in Deloitte’s Fast 50 competition.

Key Features 

  • Tool for targeted keywords and recommendation
  • History of keyword rankings
  • Organic installations for each keyword
  • Search frequency and keyword quantity
  • Analyze the influence of keywords
  • Timeline for ASO
  • List of featured apps
  • Translations for keywords
  • ASO change history for visibility score
  • Competitor keyword research
  • Rankings by category
  • Growth in keyword ranks and instals
  • Estimated app downloads and income

AppTweak Monthy Plan

  • Starter $69/month
  • Guru $299/month
  • Power $599/month

AppFollow provides programmers with all of the tools they want for organic user engagement. HBO, Zynga, JamCity, Disney, Comcast, Sony, Yahoo, Vevo, Autodesk, Hubspot, Flo, and many other companies are among its clientele. AppFollow claims that it can improve weekly insights by 5 times, organic installations by up to 490 per cent, and conversion rate by 11 per cent on average.

Key Features

  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and app efficiency.
  • Benchmarks for conversion rates
  • Highest track positions
  • Overview and analysis of competitors
  • Data on keyword strength and challenge
  • Automation of keyword research
  • Notifications from featured apps
  • Slack and email ASO notifications Store performance index

AppFollow Monthly Plan

For startups:

  • Free (2 apps, 20 keywords, 20 replies per month, 5 team members)
  • Essential – $23/month
  • Startup – $47/month
  • For companies:
  • Growth – $55/month
  • Advanced – $111/month
  • Enterprise – custom
App Radar

App Radar is another big ASO tool.iTranslate, Arise, Kolibri,, Meister, and Mixvibes are among their reputable clientele. App Radar specializes in organic and paid app user retention and allows you to mix customized service features with managed app store marketing services. So that you may expand more quickly, both on your own or with the assistance of our professionals.

Key Features

  • Examining keywords
  • Optimization of keywords
  • a massive keyword database
  • App store rating in real-time
  • Tracking app store rankings
  • Management of ratings and reviews
  • App analytics and Competitor research
  • Management of app localization

App Radar Monthly Plan

  • Free
  • Starter – $39/month
  • Advanced – $69/month
  • Expert – $129/month
Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is the go-to solution for mobile marketers, app developers, and market analysts looking for better comparative insights into the mobile economy and increasing app installs through ASO.

Key Features

  • Can Store information
  • Keyword investigation
  • Suggestion for keywords
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Translation of keywords
  • Estimates of search traffic
  • Predicting score
  • Analysis of localization
  • Profiles for apps
  • Examine the past
  • History of featured apps
  • A regular report on updates
Split Metrics

Split Metrics is an excellent ASO tool for increasing organic traffic while decreasing user acquisition expenditures. Companies that utilize it include Lab Cave, Zimad, Lovoo, Verv, Wallapop, Yandex, Mytona, and Fruit Ninja.

Split Metrics is wonderful since it allows you to see exactly how users engage with your app store page.

Key Features

  • A/B testing
  • Analyzing user behavior
  • Competitor comparison testing
  • App testing before deployment
  • Different sites should be tested.
  • ASO Suggestions

Split Metrics Monthly Plan

Not publicly available


Storemaven is an excellent tool for increasing app store conversion rates. Numerous renowned companies like Yahoo, TikTok, Uber, Warner Brothers, HBO and many more depend on it. Their App Store Testing Platform walks you through the process of building A/B tests. Creating a viable concept, devising multiple versions, boosting test accuracy, and assessing the data are all part of the process.

Key Features

  • A methodology based on data
  • A/B split testing
  • Analyzing test findings
  • Competitor analysis
  • A customized ASO strategic plan

Storemaven Monthly Plan

You need request for price plans


TheTool is a performance-based ASO tool used by companies such as Pixonic, Ten Square Games, and Privalia. You can monitor anything connected to ASO with TheTool, including organic and non-organic installations, keyword ranks, app store top lists, ratings and reviews, etc.

Key Features

  • Rankings for keywords
  • Keyword investigation
  • Top ten lists
  • Suggestion for keywords
  • ASO grading system
  • Tracking of organic and non-organic installations
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Global tracking
  • CSV export data download

The Tool Monthly Plan

  • Startup – €29/month
  • Growth – €69/month
  • Ninja – €199/month

A tool for expanding your app company! Asodesk provides your business with Full Cycle ASO, Marketing and Product Management Tools, Data, and Insights to help you develop your app business on the App Store and Google Play. Because of the regular reports, it allows you to spend your time more efficiently, run extensive analyses on rivals’ apps, and remain up to date on the newest updates.

Key Features

  • Analyzing keywords
  • Exploration of keywords
  • Keyword talks and competitors
  • Auto-suggestions for keywords
  • ASO comparative study
  • Organic research report
  • Examinations and monitoring
  • Alert for Popular Searches

ASODesk Monthly Plan

For Startups

  • S – $24.7/month
  • M – $49.9/month
  • L – $84.2/month
  • XL – $118.3/month

For Companies

  • S – $126.7/month
  • M – $169.1/month
  • L – $249.9/month
  • XL – $416.6/month

Check aso is an analytical tool that analyses your ASO performance and provides you with personalized recommendations for how to improve it. It was developed by ASO experts and is suitable for users of all levels of experience, from novices to aficionados, thanks to a large number of optimized applications. The platform algorithms give extremely accurate statistics on keyword impressions and search traffic, live search results, rank history, competitive intelligence for the App Store and Google Play, and other features.

Key Features

  • The ASO index
  • Customized advice
  • Keep track of app rankings.
  • Pack of keywords for beginners
  • Data from app stores can be added automatically or manually.
  • Analyzing keywords
  • Results from a live search
  • Competitive intelligence

CheckASO Monthly Plan

  • Free
  • Startup – $14/month
  • Growing business $62/month
  • Publisher & agency $126/month
Mobile Action

ASO, Market, Ad Intelligence, and Apple Search Ads campaign management tool that offers enterprises keyword monitoring, app localization, keyword researching, analytical reports, and an easy-to-use ASA campaign optimization interface.

Key Features

  • Tracking and optimizing keywords
  • Suggestion for keywords
  • Keywords in vogue
  • Keyword snooping
  • Keyword exploration and research
  • The ASO report
  • Report on Visibility
  • intelligence based on keywords
  • Intelligence on search adverts

Mobile Action Monthly Plan

  • Free trial
  • Startup – $49/month
  • Growth – $299/month
  • Business – $599/month Localization

The above information is about Top 10 App Store Optimization Tools, 2022.

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