The Different Types Of Facebook Ads In 2022

What is Facebook Ad?

Ads that are only available through Facebook’s advertising network. They can be shown in Facebook’s news feed, Messenger, and also on non-Facebook applications and websites. They are available in many formats (single picture, video, slideshows, and more) and may be tailored to highly precise audiences. Lets see Different Types Of Facebook Ads In 2022


  • What is Facebook Ad?
  • What is a paid Facebook ad?

What are Different Types Of Facebook Ads In 2022?

  • Image Ad
  • Video Ad
  • Poll Ad
  • Carousel Ad
  • Slideshow Ad
  • Collection Ad
  • Instant Experience Ad
  • Lead Ad
  • Dynamic Ad
  • Messenger Ad
  • Stories Ad
  • Augmented Ad

What is a paid Facebook Ad?

Although Facebook Ads may be run for free, you will be missing out on key premium capabilities such as “not set target audience.” A paid Facebook ad permits advertisers to target a specific market and design their campaign precisely as they want it to promote their company or product.

Facebook advertisements are sponsored communications placed on Facebook by companies. This provides you with the freedom to create in your preferred style. Furthermore, as described in the social network’s beginner’s guide, you may reach out to the individuals who are most important to you.

Types of Facebook Ads

1.Image Ads

If you are unsure about online advertising, Image Facebook advertisements are a wonderful place to begin experimenting with social media platform advertising. Image advertising might be basic, but they don’t have to be dull. You may make one in a matter of minutes by promoting an old post with a graphic from your Facebook Page.

2.Video Ads

Video advertising can appear in the News Feed, Stories, and as stream adverts in Facebook videos that users watch at random. Simply said, video commercials are brief visual explanations of any product or service in a more “eye-catching” and appealing manner. They are an excellent approach to presenting your business, product/service adding a more realistic touch.

3.Poll Ads

Poll Ads are only available for mobile viewing and usage. The Facebook ad type integrates an audience engaging dimension by attaching a two-option poll to an image or video ad. You can offer a new URL for each poll choice. Both the audience and the creator may see the total number of responses to each poll question. This allows you to learn about the consumer’s demands, likes, and dislikes.

5.Carousel Ads

The carousel-style allows you to display two or more pictures or videos in one ad highlighting your expertise or product/service. Each clip or image is provided with a title, synopsis, URL, and call to action. This can be used to exhibit different aspects of a single or several products/services, using a series of images or video clips merged forming an overview of all. In the ad below, there is a “buy now” button that leads you directly to the merchant site for the product in the associated image.

5.Slideshow Ads

Slideshow adverts are made up of basic slides created from still shots, storylines, or former videotapes. They provide a catchy activity showcase while utilizing five times less internet. As an advantage, they run rapidly even when the internet connection is slow. Though they have a minimal impact, these are simple to execute and ultimate grab audience attention without frustrating them during a low internet connection

6.Collection Ads

These Facebook-funded advertisements, which are exclusively available for mobile devices, let you display five pictures or videos that buyers may click to purchase a product or service.

Collection advertising works in conjunction with Instant Experiences to allow users to purchase your items without always exiting Facebook. Such a great option for busy consumers makes online purchasing easy to use.

7.Instant Experience Ads

Instant Experience advertising was previously known as Canvas commercials. They are full-screen ad types that run 15 times quicker than a non-Facebook mobile page. You may also merge a couple of Instant Experiences to provide customers with even more advanced smartphone media.

8.Lead Ads

Lead advertisements are only accessible on smartphone devices. This is because they are expressly intended to allow individuals to automatically provide their contact details without having to type them in. They’re ideal for gathering blog subscriptions, registering people for a product trial, or letting users request additional facts from you. Many companies have utilized them successfully to promote demo trips. Facebook lead advertisements since they’re such a fantastic method to fuel your sales pipeline.

9.Dynamic Ads

Dynamic advertisements enable you to advertise specific items to clients who are most probably attracted to a product/service or are showing signs of interest.

For example, have you ever observed that when you search for or save a specific product, you begin to see adverts for that product? These are known as dynamic advertising. Dynamic Ads operate as a stimulant for buying activity; the sooner the transaction, the more income is generated.

An extremely efficient technique to keep your brand in front of your customers’ minds and increase brand recognition.

10.Messenger Ads

Advertisements on Facebook Messenger can reach roughly a billion people who use Messenger regularly. All you have to do is choose Messenger as your primary destination when developing your ad, and then post it to your Facebook feed.

So, if a visitor sees your commercial (image or video) in their Facebook feed, they may use the “click-to-Messenger” option if they want to connect further and learn more about it. The CTC (call-to-action) widget, which starts a Messenger conversation with your page, is a versatile option to provide customer assistance and persuade people to buy.

11.Stories Ads

According to the Ipsos report, 62 percent of individuals get more curious about a brand or product after viewing it in a story. Advertisements in Stories nowadays are accessible on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Stories advertising allow you to reach out to your target group in a full-screen, comprehensive environment. 

Stories advertising is a mobile-friendly ad layout that offers you to enhance screen space without needing customers to rotate their devices. This is a wonderful option for your audience to get a fast overview of your brand, keeping them informed and up to date. You post it from your company account page in the same manner that you would do on a personal profile story.

12.Augmented Ads

Filters and animation are used in augmented reality commercials to allow customers to engage with your business in a fun and quirky way. Advertisements based on augmented reality can also be used to increase your reach. The advertisements allow users to snap selfies with certain filters or add graphic illustrations and animations to their recordings and photos, which they can then publish on their profiles.

For example, a makeup company may have released a new line of eyeshadow colors. They may employ augmented advertisements to build a filter that includes their eyeshades, which the audience can test out. This provides customers with more accurate results regarding the product, such as how it appears in reality when applied. This is all about the different types of Facebook Ads In 2022.

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