8 Steps to Convert Your Social Media Traffic into Sales

Social media has become so popular in our modern world and it is playing an essential role in digital marketing. A huge number of users follow brands through social media platforms. Almost 2 billion people and 5 billion advertising users use Facebook.

There are also other social media platforms that are popular for digital marketing. Social media sales are the new trend for marketers all over the world. Any industry can earn profit through social media sales. 

At present, you can’t ignore social media marketing for achieving success in your business. If you’re already using social media for online marketing, there’s always a chance for development. It’s not enough to simply make an account or run advertisements on your social media platform.

The funds you spend on social media platforms has to lead to sales. For that, you need to convert your social media traffic into sales. In simple words, you have to earn more profit by using social media in your business.

But many people don’t know the right steps to convert social media traffic into sales. In this blog, we will provide you with proper guidance to turn your social media traffic into sales. So, if you haven’t enough knowledge about it, then keep reading this blog to the end. You’ll surely find important information about it.

How to Turn Your Social Media Traffic into Sales?

1. Generate a sales funnel:

Most of the brands make the biggest error while using social media for marketing. They are trying to sell their products through an Ad directed to people who haven’t any knowledge about the particular brand. It is not the correct process of marketing using social media and it can quickly burn all the money which the brands spent on social media.

First, you have to establish a level of trust if you want to sell your products to anyone. That’s why you have to generate a sales funnel first.

You can create a sales funnel in three stages:

a. Top of the funnel: The user doesn’t know anything about your brand.

b. Middle of the funnel: The user has now started to interact with your brand.

c. Bottom of the funnel: The user has now interacted with your brand so many times and is prepared to purchase a product from you.

If you create your sales funnel in this way then, it will provide relevant information and will help you to create a strong relationship with the users over time. In this way, your social media traffic will easily convert into your sales.

2. Examine your social media channels:

After establishing a social media presence, you have to know which of your social media channels are growing more. Some social media channels will perform better than other channels. Another error you might make while marketing on social media channels is that you try to be everywhere at the same time. It’s an incorrect process. It’s better to have one great social media channel that performs better than other channels.

You have to examine your social media channels to know which social media channels are actually driving more sales and not destroying money. It is important to know which of the social media channels are providing you with more potential consumers.

3. Get active on social media:

Once you’ve improved your website to turn your social media traffic into valuable leads, you have to get more and more active on social media and generate a presence. You have to post meaningful and attractive content regularly on the social media platform to drive more traffic. You also have to engage with your customer as much as you can.

A retargeting ad is the most outstanding feature of your social media platform. It permits you to create a good relationship with an audience who might never have any interaction with your brand. 

4. Observe & Encourage Social Media Reviews:

All the social media platforms were made to let the users share their experiences and wonderful discoveries with their friends and family. So, if you want to make more money from it then you need to encourage viewers to post about their experiences. You can also offer them some discount or a sample.

You need to respond to both positive and negative reviews in a polite manner. This might help you to impress your customers. Most of the clients who had a better social media service experience with a particular brand, recommend the brand to other people. This will help you to increase your traffic and convert them into sales after some time.

5. Improve Your Social Media Page:

You have to create a perfect social media page and update it frequently, which will convince the customers to buy products from you. All the users except that the social media page of a brand will load very quickly. So, you have to make your social media page faster so that the customers don’t need to wait for a long time. 

Make the detail of your services and products short and simple and put only necessary information about your services. If you write a very long description about your services then people will become bored after some time.

You must need customers’ trust for improving your sales. Reliability is very vital for the purchaser’s decision. So, try to prove your loyalty to the customers if you want to convert your traffic into more sales.

6. Do Soft Conversion:

You can create various scopes for soft conversion. The perfect way to do that is to provide an email subscription to your clients. But you should explain this to clients by offering them amusing and valuable content.

There is also a newly developing trend in the market is messenger marketing. Instead of requesting users to subscribe to your newsletter, you can ask for their consent to message them. Most people prefer reading a message on a social media page rather than reading an email. These processes help you to convert the traffic into sales easily.

7. Add a Strong Call-To-Action:

You need to add a Call-to-action option and this has to be clear and related to the post. This can be an invitation to comment and share the clients’ thoughts and experiences, or praise to buy your product. If you add CTA, this will help to increase the click-through rate of your page. 

8. Offer Some Exclusives:

Another perfect way to drive more traffic and convert them into a sale is to offer something exclusive in return. People always love exciting offers and discounts. So, you can give them some offers or discounts. This will surely attract more customers. 

A more attractive and inexpensive way is to organize any contest among your clients. You may ask your clients to share your post or to make their own content with the product or service of your business. This can help you to attract more customers and also help you to convert the traffic easily into sales.


So, these are some important steps you should follow if you want to turn your social media traffic into sales. Social media has become the most essential platform in today’s digital marketing world. You may get many traffic on your social page but you can’t convert them into sales if you don’t follow the right process. So always try to follow the proper process for turning your social media traffic into sales.

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