Most Famous WordPress Instagram Plugins All Marketers Should Use in 2022

Nowadays Instagram has become so much popular among the new generation. Almost 1 billion people use this and now it has become one of the great methods for start-ups and industrialists to link with their target customers. On average, Instagram users spend a very long time each day on this platform which means it holds massive potential when integrated with a WordPress website. 

Many people don’t have the proper idea of Instagram plugins. Instagram plugins permit you to add the Instagram feed to your WordPress website. Some of these plugins present your pictures directly on your webpage and others can bring out pictures from famous hashtags on Instagram and help to discover the ideal stream of images that your website visitors desire to see. You will get both paid and free versions to create a feed of your own Instagram account. 

If you wish to present your Instagram feed, make an Instagram slider, attach the Instagram sign with a link to your own account, and arrange an Instagram contest to increase your followers, you have to use some plugins.

If you are searching for the best WordPress Instagram plugins but don’t have enough knowledge about them then please read this article attentively. We have collected the 6 best Instagram plugins for WordPress users to help you fulfill your requirements.  MOST FAMOUS WORDPRESS INSTAGRAM PLUGINS ALL MARKETERS SHOULD USE IN 2022 

1. Smash Balloon:

It was previously known as an Instagram feed, but it has received a trademark claim which forced the authority to change the name to Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed. It is one of the few free Instagram plugins for WordPress users. It has 4.9-star ranking and a huge number of people use this plugin. You can present an Instagram feed on

the free version but if you use the Pro version, you will add hashtag options using your business Instagram account. It offers multiple different layouts such as carousel, masonry, and highlight. You can

get customized options to add display content including Follow button, Titles, Likes and Comments, Load button, etc. WordPress users can use the free version. The pro version cost is $49 for one site and you’ll get more features with this premium version.

2. Raffle Press:

It is a giveaway plugin. By using this, you can get a reward from your Instagram site. You can mix it with Instagram to increase your follower lists. With Raffle Press, it has become extremely easy to set up a competition that helps out the visitors to take appropriate actions while they are using Instagram. 

For example, you can arrange a Raffle Press competition for your Instagram followers where they have to go through a particular page of your website. You can also request them to join your email list if they want to enter that page. Nowadays, Raffle Press has become one of the best Instagram plugins for WordPress and it is extremely used by people. You can use both the free and paid versions of the Raffle Press plugin as per your requirements.

3. Spotlight:

It is a new Instagram plugin but gains popularity quickly. The creator of the popular WP RSS Collector plugin created this Instagram plugin. The downloads on active users are low compared to its competitors, but it has received a 5-star rating on the plugin store. It has a user-friendly interface and real-time preview of your feet.  

If you use the free version, you can create a feed from any Personal or Business account if you have the proper access to that account. If you use the premium version, you can also have the chance to make accounts from hashtags or posts which are tagged on your Instagram account. The premium version starts at $49 for one site. If you use the pro version, you can get various layout options such as highlight, slider, masonry. You can also get various content options such as pop-up boxes, titles, comments, likes, and many more. The pro version also attaches filter and control options. This helps you to filter out particular posts and also to accept posts before they are displayed in your account’s feed.

4. Flow-Flow:

Flow-Flow is also one of the best WordPress Instagram plugins. It helps you to sell you at some famous marketplaces. It has been bought over 19,100 times and also has a 4.7-star ranking. Flow-Flow is not just used for Instagram. It is also used for 14 various sources in one plugin. You can build various feeds for different purposes. You can also merge several feeds into a single stream. For example, you can make one feed that contains both Instagram posts and Twitter tweets from your personal account.

Flow-Flow is a supporting plugin for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. Flow-Flow has both the free version and the premium version. The premium version’s cost is $39 and it offers you lifelong upgrades on one site.

5. Intagrate:

Intagrate, is one of the best WordPress Instagram plugins in the market, which imports Instagram pictures to WordPress in a unique way. Intagrate imports Instagram posts as the definite blogs on WordPress. When it imports a fresh Instagram post, it will produce a distinct blog post for that post of Instagram and adjust the image to be the presented image of the blog post. So, Intagrate is absolutely the finest option if you wish to import Instagram posts as real WordPress blog posts. 

You can get both the free and the premium version of Intagrate. If you use the premium version, you can import Instagram posts as any normal post on your account. You can also get video support and hashtag filtering with the premium version. The premium version costs $55.

6. 10Web Social Photo Feed:

10Web Social Photo Feed is another best WordPress Instagram plugin. You can get both the free version as well as the premium version with more new elements. It can be quickly set up and helps you to attach Instagram feeds to any of your posts. It offers you four different types of display layouts for your posts such as Thumbnail, Slider, Masonry, Blog style.

The free version helps you make a post from a private and individual Instagram account.  The Pro version offers you more new display options and it costs only $25 which is half of other Instagram plugins. The pro version offers you to attach restricted filters to gain more control over the content displayed in your account. 


In general, the best WordPress Instagram plugin depends on your requirements and finances. You have to choose the suitable plugin which will satisfy your needs. You can pick any of the six plugins mentioned above for your Instagram account. Hopefully, this post will give you proper guidance to select the best Instagram plugins for WordPress. 


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