Most Famous Email Marketing Automation Tools That help to Improve your Online Marketing.

Entrepreneurs are continuously trying to progress their businesses. In today’s competitive world, business owners are struggling to get success in their business. So, all of them need strong marketing strategies to grow their business. There are so many marketing strategies that one should follow to achieve success in online marketing. Email marketing automation is one of the most powerful marketing methods which you can use to get a higher rank in your business. With email marketing automation, you can communicate easily with your target audience and gain knowledge about the requirements of your consumers. If you use the best email automation tools, you don’t have to miss any chance to produce leads, sales and gain more profits. Email Marketing Automation Tools

But you have to select accurate email automation tools if you want to bring your business to a higher level. 

In this article, we will provide you with all the information about Email Marketing Automation tools. So, if you are searching for the top email automation tools, please read this article carefully.


Email automation is a process to send emails with appropriate information to the targeted clients through an automatic system. Generally, this process has to be done with the help of numerous email marketing tools. Email automation is very beneficial for various business purposes. It helps you to identify your target customers and engage with them. It can also attract those clients who have lost interest in your business and want to unsubscribe, by sending them interesting emails. So, you can keep all the clients interested in your business. In this way, you can get more traffic. Email Automation also develops your brand awareness.

There are so many Email Automation tools available in the market. If you select the accurate Automation tools, you can inevitably achieve new leads and more clients. 

Here are some most famous Email Marketing Automation tools which you can use for getting success in your business:


It is one of the best email marketing automation tools because it has numerous features, which are important for business. It helps you to create and send engaging emails to the right audience and accurate platforms, produce various social ads, and much more. It is a multipurpose tool for handling your mailing lists, generating email templates, etc. It is the most perfect tool for you if you are searching for a simple process to send mails to your clients. It has both amazing free plans and paid plans. If you use the first paid plan you can achieve access to more progressive tools including A/B testing and others. By using this tool, you can easily identify the open rates and click-throughs and also know whether viewers are replying to your website’s content. Mailchimp’s free plan has 2,000-3,000 contacts and sends 10,000 monthly emails to the people. The paid plans cost Rs. 9.99/month.


HubSpot is also a very well-known Email Automation tool in the market. It is a very useful tool and has various features. One can stock all contact info with HubSpot’s CRM. HubSpot helps you to attract more customers through leads, live chat, and online advertisements. It recently brought a brand-new free email marketing tool in the market that can help various small businesses to create and send appropriate emails to the target audience. Whether you want to promote current movements, send mails from lead offers, and many more, HubSpot’s free version can help you. But the free version is not free forever. You can use the 14-day free trial, but after 14 days you will have to subscribe to the paid plans. There are three paid plans available. The Starter plan costs $50 per month, the Professional plan costs $800 per month and the Enterprise plan costs $3,200 per month.

This is a very handy tool and it provides ready-made templates.

3. Moosend:

It is an outstanding and affordable email marketing automation tool. It allows you to do constant tasks and helps you to save time. You can create email operations based on your customer’s needs, actions, and information. The tools of Moosend are easily accessible and help you to create and send striking and timely emails to your customer. There are both free and paid versions available. Its paid version is more inexpensive than other tools. Paid versions start from $10 per month and the highest cost is $40 per month. You can use the upgraded version to create correct emails to each receiver, progressing open rate and click-through rate also.

4. Active Campaign:

It is a great email automation tool as it has a huge number of pre-built automation. This can help you to create personalized mails for each customer. Its service is very fast and friendly. It has amazing automation tools that help you to easily interact with clients. It also has 850+ additions with the most popular software program. 

You can get both free plan (for a limited time) and paid plans.

5. Drip:

It is also the most famous email marketing automation tool for online businesses. Its systems are sophisticated, and convenient and it is mixed with progressive list subdivision. This mixture means that customers get personalized emails activated by their shopping activities on your website. They also get appropriate follow-ups based on how they cooperate with your emails. This tool is easily accessible but very powerful. This tool provides very quick and outstanding client support services. Drip is specially made for online marketing. So, its systems, email templates, and others are built in a great way for getting success in online marketing. 

It has both free plans and paid plans. The upgraded version has progressive features that help you to easily target appropriate customers in order to develop engagement on your webpage. You can use its 14-day free trial and after that, you have to subscribe for paid plans. Paid plans start from $19 per month. There are also more expensive plans which you can use as per your requirements.


Mailer Lite is the simplest email marketing tool to use as it has a drag-and-drop feature. This feature makes it easy to produce the design based on your requirements. It has easily accessible features such as the landing page maker, pop-up customizer, and many more. This tool also has a high-quality text editor and a built-in image editor to generate fabulous mails. Mailer Lite provides numerous email templates and you can choose anyone as per your requirements.

Mailer Lite has created a larger accessible platform. If clients face any issues, there is email support that can help them by answering any queries and troubleshooting.

You can find a free-forever plan with Mailer Lite. The paid plan has more advanced features. You can use the paid plans which are not very expensive. You can pay monthly or annually, if you pay with an annual plan, you can get a good discount from Mailer Lite. 


So, these are some most important Email marketing automation tools which you can use easily to get success in email marketing. You can increase your small business with the help of these user-friendly tools. 

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