LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features and Benefits

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features and Benefits

“LinkedIn makes it easier to find leads on Sales Navigator”

Most of us ignore LinkedIn when it comes to Social Media Marketing. As earlier discussed ” best social media platforms”, LinkedIn is a potential platform. When it comes to lead generation, LinkedIn is the best for B2B lead generation.

What LinkedIn Sales Navigator is?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a potent package of search tools. This allows improved network visibility, customised techniques that let you link with the outcome of the adequate sale.

LinkedIn Sales navigator helps in identifying customers, receiving activity notifications, and requesting prospects on a common connection. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available.

It makes finding, connecting, and nurturing prospects, clients and referrals easier. No more personally chasing potential leads over lengthy periods. You minimize workload. You can present data or conduct demos one-on-one or publicly post it.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, in the opinion of leading marketers and sales experts, is the smartest version of LinkedIn available today. It is a paid tool accessible to all LinkedIn members. Individual, team and business subscriptions are also available. You can select any depending on your company’s demands and team structure.

Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator


These are messages delivered directly to any LinkedIn user you are not associated with. Each LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription includes a monthly limit on the amount of InMail messages you can send.

Save As Lead

You may record your search in the form of Leads for your business using LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s “Save as Lead” feature. Save it in other sections of your panel. All of your leads will be conveniently available in one place. In addition, you will get occasional notifications on your leads’ activity.

Advanced lead and company search

This tool allows you to identify and do research on firms and individuals you wish to target for lead creation.

Lead recommendations

Personalised recommendations for persons who work in specific areas.


Instantly updates on crucial activities and actions from prospective consumers.

Profile Views

You will also receive detailed notifications about people viewing your account.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s CRM Integration is a useful function. It permits you to connect your LinkedIn account to CRM platforms. Such platforms like Zoho CRM or Salesforce. As a result, you won’t have to go back and forth across your CRM and Sales Navigator to run your activities.

Sales Navigator Team

Marketing and sales teams can quickly and efficiently interact using the Sales Navigator team feature.

Benefits of Sales Navigator Team are-

  • You can send 30 emails per month
  • With this save 5000 prospects
  • Track sales performance routine basis
  • Allows network with a wide public
  • Easily link with CRM platforms

Filters of Sales Navigator for lead generation

  • Keywords: useful keywords detected in the profiles of your prospects
  • Industry: Type of industries you want to target
  • Company: What sort of company you are?
  • Geography: Target location (audience of a specific location)
  • Seniority level
  • Company size: Structure of your company (small or large business)
  • Function: Activity you want to function (example: sales, marketing, or any other activity)

Additional Perks of Premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Premium Use

Professional usage will, of course, be limited to free LinkedIn accounts. If you truly want LinkedIn to help you generate leads, you’ll have to put in some finance. A premium or paid LinkedIn Sales Navigator account comes with zero restrictions. The advanced features you get are worth every penny.

Restriction free Search

There are no limits on how many times you can search.

As previously stated, LinkedIn’s free account has minimal economic potential. Who doesn’t want restriction-free execution? With it, you can conduct endless research and searches within the LinkedIn database.

Unlimited Connection Requests

Now being able to send 100 connection requests to people each day sounds like a great advantage. Even when you have reached the count, we can continue. How? Submit a simple Captcha test, that’s it, resume your work in no time.

On the other hand, delivering too many connection requests is dangerous. LinkedIn views this as a spammer activity. Your account can get blocked. LinkedIn’s sophisticated algorithm keeps track of all of its users’ activity to evaluate if they are following the company’s guidelines.

Swift Customer Service

LinkedIn provides a dependable customer service team that will gladly assist you with any problem. Now, what is the difference for paid members?

Well paid members receive higher priority than free users. For example, You get quick responses when you reach out.

Difficulties are solved within a few hours depending on the complexity. If you are basic, the wait could be days.

Smart Links

A Smart Link is a hyperlink to a downloaded file, such as a PDF, Word, PowerPoint, or picture file. These can be included in an InMail text. You can monitor the below-mentioned data using Smart Links Insights:

  • Get notified on who clicks, when they click and the number of clicks.
  • Time invested on your profile and content
  • All relevant data about the person who viewed your content (if he/she signs in).

Nowadays it is hard to reach people over calls and emails. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for reaching out to enigmatic B2B clients. This Microsoft owned tool has over 800 million users globally across 200 countries. As a result, it’s assumed that a firm’s prospective clients are likely to be among LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a service provided by LinkedIn. You need to link your Sales Navigator to your LinkedIn account. So, that you can use the features associated with that plan without any limitation.

The three LinkedIn Sales Navigator Packages are-

  • Professional ( individual use)
  • Team (sales or marketing team use)
  • Enterprise ( team members, eager to gain more expertise).

A product comparison chart on the LinkedIn website is displayed. The chart highlights the characteristics given by each plan, covering services offered to free LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Plan 

Professional Plan

The professional plan is for people who want to explore LinkedIn’s community to build their funnel and accomplish better transactions. The price ranges from $64.99 per month to $779.88 for an annual payment.

Team Plan

The team plan is designed for marketing teams that want to make the best of their common resources while also building business connections. The cost starts at $103.33 per month OR $1,240 per year for a single licence.


This plan is for you if you are a sales organisation or corporation looking to increase the feature capabilities of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You have contact Linkedin Support to know their price plan , refer to the link to get a view of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Plan Chart.

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