How to increase Domain Authority of your website

A score that  your website get from Google, is called Domain Authority. The Domain Authority score is given by Moz and anyone can measure their score online for free.
Before we discuss how to increase domain authority for your website, let us first understand the importance of having a good domain authority score.

Why do you need to have a good domain authority score?

There is no specific number that marks an ideal domain authority score. Rather, you should check your top competitors’ score and use that as a benchmark to measure your score.

So, if most of your competitors have a domain authority score around the range of 40-60, then a good domain authority score will be around 30-60.

The higher your domain authority score, the better it is.

Reasons why you need to have a good domain authority score:

  1. The higher your domain authority, the better your chances at ranking higher in search results.
  2. Higher domain authority sends a signal to Google that your website is authentic and credible.
  3. Higher domain authority makes you stand out as a leader in your industry.

How to increase Domain Authority of your website?

So, having a good domain authority is important for your website as it helps in improving your overall website ranking. Here are the ways to increase domain authority of your website:

  1. Get backlinks from credible sites with good domain authority. Remember, when you are increasing your backlinks you should focus on quality and not just quantity. The quality of backlinks is essential for any website.
  2. Add your business to directories related to your industry and get featured there.
  3. Create in-depth and good content, share it, and ask reputed publications or websites in your industry to link to it.
  4. Do broken link research: Search for broken links that point to your competitor’s site, contact the website, and add your link in place of that broken link.
  5. If there are low-quality backlinks in your website, then delete them.
  6. Instead of trying to receive more links from a website that already has provided a backlink to your website, try increasing the number of websites that links to your website.
  7. Ensure that the backlinks that you receive from other websites are ‘do follow. Most websites provide ‘no follow links and having this type of backlinks does not improve the domain authority.
  8. Check where your competitors get their backlinks from and see if you can get backlinks from those sites too.
  9. Share your website content across various platforms so that people click it and visit your website.

Do you use any of these ways to increase the domain authority of your website?


What is a good domain authority score?

A good domain authority score depends on your industry and competitors. However, the higher the number the better is the domain authority.

Why did my domain authority decrease?

There are various reasons why domain authority may decrease:

  1. Your website isn’t active.
  2. The SEO practices you use aren’t performing well.
  3. Your competitors are performing better than you.
  4. You have many low-quality backlinks linking to your website.

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