How to get Facebook verification for your account?

You must have definitely seen a blue tick badge beside some accounts & pages on Facebook. And you may have several questions about it. In this article, we will answer some of the questions that you may have about Facebook verification and help you understand more about the verification process.

What does Facebook verification mean?

The mark of a Facebook verified account or page is the blue tick badge. The blue tick badge conveys an authentic page. It means that Facebook has verified that your page/profile is authentic and it truly represents the person or brand.

Why should you apply for it?

There are many reasons why you should apply for a Facebook verification badge.

Separates your account from similar accounts

If you or your business are a well-known brand then there are chances of having fake accounts and fan accounts. You could also have accounts with similar names. All these can leave your people confused. However, when you verify your Facebook page and have the trusted blue tick badge beside your account, you will be able to separate your account from other accounts. You can claim your credibility back from fake accounts and help your followers not get confused with fan accounts.

Improves your social presence

Nowadays, it is mandatory for every business to have an online presence. And social media is one of the most important ways to boost your online presence. With a verified social media account in facebook, your social presence improves drastically.

Acts as a Social Proof

Think for a second: How do you feel when you see a Facebook account with the blue tick badge? Do you feel that the page is authentic and trustworthy?

Whether or not someone has interacted with your account before, having a blue tick badge beside your account name acts as social proof and builds credibility. It informs people that your account is authentic and belongs to a reputed person or business. So, whenever someone has to contact you either for business or for customer service, they will without any hesitation contact you through your verified Facebook account.

Improves ranking in search results

Another advantage of having a Facebook verified account is an improvement in search rankings. Whenever someone searches for your or your business’s name in Facebook or Google, a verified account appears higher in the search results and hence, improves your visibility too.

Steps to apply for Facebook verification

Now that you know why you should apply for Facebook verification, here are the steps to follow to apply for Facebook verification:

  1. Keep your profile updated and active: Before applying for Facebook verification, ensure that your profile is updated with all the relevant details, links, and pictures. Your profile should also have timely content posted.
  2. Ensure that your account is well-known and has been covered in a variety of news sources and has a relevant presence outside Facebook too.
  3. Visit the official link for Facebook verification here: Official link.
  4. If you are verifying your personal profile, select Personal Page and provide your profile link.
    If you’re verifying a page, select Page and select your Page name from the dropdown.
  5. Select your country name and attach your account’s official ID.
  6. Write down a compelling reason for requesting verification and include links to your other social media accounts (optional).
  7. Click Send.

Ensure that the information that you include in the form is correct, relevant, and does not violate Facebook’s guidelines.

How will Facebook verification help your business?

Once you apply for Facebook verification, it will take around 5-30 days to get your account verified. Once your account is verified and you get the famed blue tick badge beside your account, your account will be deemed more credible and reliable by people. It will act as a safety net against fake and duplicate profiles – a very crucial thing to take care of in the online space.

Along with that, a verified account will help you build a solid social presence.

What to do if your account fails Facebook verification?

Sometimes Facebook rejects verification requests if it doesn’t find an account due to one or more reasons. In case your account has been rejected, you can re-apply for verification after 30 days. But before re-applying it is important to consider the factors that led to the rejection.

Here are some factors that could lead to your account being rejected:

  1. Incomplete information
  2. Not enough media coverage and presence outside Facebook
  3. The account is inactive or spammy
  4. Other reasons

To increase the chances of getting your account verified, be sure to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Keep all your basic information and account details updated.
  2. Share helpful and engaging content regularly.
  3. Get enough media coverage (but not paid sponsorships). Media coverage could include press releases, TV & print-media coverage, articles. Wikipedia page, etc.
  4. Link to your Facebook account.
  5. Abide by Facebook’s guidelines and regulations.

Do you want to get your Facebook profile verified? Get in touch with us and we will help you out!

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