What is the Google Page Experience Update 2022 | New Google Core Update

There is a brand new Google core update this June-July and if you want to improve your website ranking, then this is an important update that you should look out for.

So, what is the new Google core update?

The new Google algorithm update is the page experience core algorithm update. With the Google Page Experience update 2022, Page experience and the way users interact with your site will now be a major factor for your website ranking.

Unlike other times, Google has actually told users about the update it will be rolling out. And the update will be rolled out gradually, so users will have time to make the required changes to their websites.

What does a good page experience mean? Google Page Experience Update

A good page experience ensures that your website performs well in five key aspects:


The first purpose that any website should serve is usability to the audience. If someone is coming to your website, they should find the content helpful and useful. The Google page experience update places importance on usability. Hence, you must update your website for usability.

How you can improve the usability of your site:

  1. Improve the user interface and make your website intuitive.
  2. Don’t place unnecessary ads which disturb the user when browsing through your site.
  3. Place relevant internal links to help users navigate easily from one webpage to another.
  4. Don’t add clickbait titles and include relevant content in your site.
  5. Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly.
  6. If you have a static website, use AMP framework by Google to design user-first websites. It will help in optimizing your websites to load faster and become mobile-friendly.


Another key aspect that a good page experience focuses on is the security of your website. Check for any bugs or security issues that your website may have and get them fixed as soon as possible.

How to enhance website security:

  1. Make your website SEO-friendly.
  2. Check for and fix any bugs that your website may have.
  3. Ensure that proper error messages are placed for non-working pages.
  4. Ensure that your site has SSL certification.
  5. Do not keep hidden links and ads in your site.

SSL certification

Whether it is for a new Google update or not, having an SSL certificate is extremely important for your website.

Have you seen some websites have HTTPS written in their URL, and some websites just have HTTP written?

The s in HTTPS stands for secure and tells the user that the website is secure and has an SSL certificate. Having an SSL certificate is important for getting the security feature enabled for your website. It helps Google and other search engines know that your website is trusted and authentic. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, your website risks being blocked by antivirus programs, firewalls, and other security programs.

Google ads experience

People often use ads to generate revenue from their websites. And while there’s no harm in using ads for your website, you should take care of the ad placement so that it is not distracting your user. If your ads are distracting or too aggressive, then you spoil the experience of the user on your website. This will increase your bounce rate and your website will lose ranking and credibility.

How to enhance ads experience:

  1. Place your ads in a non-distracting place, preferably in the corner or top of the page.
  2. Don’t place too many ads on your site.
  3. Don’t keep hidden ads.
  4. Avoid placing random popup ads.
  5. Understand that the goal of your website is to give value to the user and not to annoy them with random ads.

Functional webpages

Another important factor that matters in a good page experience is functional webpages.

Having functional webpages means having webpages that are working well and are not broken. 

How to have functional webpages:

  1. Fix any broken links in your website.
  2. Ensure that all your webpages are working properly.
  3. Check if the content of all the pages are updated and relevant to the title of the page.
  4. If you have a broken link and are repairing it, keep an accurate error message to help users know the issue and guide them to other helpful pages.

Is your website ready for the new Google core update?

Take care of these 5 things and your website won’t have an adverse effect from Google’s page experience update. Use tools like Google Search Console to inspect your website and make changes where needed.

If you need help with designing, developing, and optimizing your websites, contact us and we will get in touch with you.

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