Content Writing Scope in India

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Young generation prefer those jobs that are both easy and demandable. They also want to do something which is creative and interesting. Content Writing Scope in India
So, if you also want a creative job and you have the ability of good writing then “Content Writing” may be the best career option for you. Content Writing Scope in India
Content writing is extremely demandable in several English countries. With the growth of digital marketing, “Content Writing” is becoming a great career choice in India. Content Writing Scope in India

Mathew J Maniyamkott

Mathew began blogging on Blogspot in 2011, eventually migrating to WordPress, where he rambled about topics that were important to him. The nicest part about him as a writer was that he didn’t mind sharing his work with random people and soliciting criticism from them. Content Writing Scope in India
In order to get respectable experience, he started to write for free at and also contributed to 


Mathew was determined to lead his career as a successful content writer. He made contact with an Editor of Indian Express but got rejected. However he did not disappoint and try to improve his writing skill. After 6 months of dedication, he got a “YES” from their side.
He used to write for the Kickstart and Tec tracker columns, where he featured startups and tech, accordingly. As a result, he started to write for, The Hindu Business Line and many more website.

You too aim for a career as a Content Writer

The noteworthy factor is that it does not require an elaborative degree. You only need basic English abilities, strong grammatical skills, and a creative thought process to get started. If you want to learn more about content writing in depth, you may pursue a Mass Communication degree or a certificate course in content writing. It’s always helpful to have a credible academic; it makes it easy for you to grasp your job.
Ready Writing nerds!! , let’s see what “Content Writing” is all about
Professional-level writing designed for a specific target to meet marketing and advertising purposes or a group of reading audience is referred to as content writing.

Let’s check out the Categories of Content Writing

Basically there are mainly 5 types of content writing. Those are:

Blogging: We’re all aware of what it is. These are well-researched detailed posts about a certain topic. Because blogging is a fantastic approach to improve the SEO of a page, you cannot simply choose one topic and start posting about it. Again, it should be something significant that will help your platform develop credibility.

Technical writing/Long Form

Technical writing may seem complex, yet it simply defines your business. This is where you explain how your product or service works, how your customers may utilise it, and inform them of your capabilities and specializations. Sounds simple, but it must be to the point, welcoming, and unique because several platforms are offering the same service at the same pricing, or even a better one at the same rate.

CopyWriting/ Graphic Content

The Copywriting portion consists of those catchy phrases put on an advertisement banner or some graphic illustration. It demands a highly innovative approach since you should define an overall goal within just one or two lines. Graphics content should be brief, crisp and informative at the same time.

Social Media Posts

By the end of 2021, an estimated 4.48 billion individuals were using social media. There is a lot of audiences out there, and both small and large businesses see it as a fantastic source of engagement and money. Famous sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as LinkedIn, have emerged as key suppliers of Social Media Advertisements.
This results in postings that are relevant, current, and platform-specific. To produce great social media content, one needs to understand social media SEO and the unique characteristics of each online location.
While email campaigns may come under the purview of copywriting, it is critical to consider your emails in a new light. Your creative pieces are frequently aimed at an audience that is unfamiliar with your brand and the solutions you provide. When it comes to emails, they are often your devoted followers and consumers who keep returning for more.
Because these are two distinct audiences, your approach should differ. To keep your consumers engaged and interested, it is critical to delivering material to your email list that is rich in additional value.

Career Scope for Content Writing in India

Sectors where Content Writing is in demand:

Media Industry

Content writers are in great demand in the media industry since they are the backbone of any show broadcast on television or online. Certain content is provided for the anchor to explain the news to the public just before the show is aired on television or online. These types of content writers are known as scriptwriters, news writers, and or producers in the industry.
A newspaper website or blog portal does, in fact, require content writers to provide content for the website’s news updates. While content writing for websites it is beneficial to know about SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).

PR (Public Relations)

The public relations (PR) skill includes a content writer for tasks such as press releases, producing articles for various clients, pitch notes, written articles, blogs, and so on.
If a content writer wishes to engage in the PR sector, they can get expertise in both content and public relations, which is essential in this field. Working at a PR agency also offers access to famous meetings and conferences.
Every popular celebrity or well-known public figure has a public relations staff, so there will be no scarcity of chances if you specialise in your abilities.

Digital Marketing Industry

All businesses and organisations utilize the assistance of a digital marketing agency since the agency helps the business expand and create its brand’s presence in the online market. Brand advertising and awareness campaigns are aided by the digital marketing agency.
This is achieved via the use of fundamental capabilities and services such as content marketing, email marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing, site development and design, and graphic design.
All of these services need content to thrive. A content writer will produce necessary details based on the sort of service presented. For example, data is necessary for website development to fill the about the website, services expansion section, and so on.

IT Sector

The information technology industry need skilled professionals to provide technical information based on their standards. The profession of technical content writer necessitates a large amount of effort. A candidate should have very strong research skills and a professional approach to words. Many other sectors of the information technology business, such as cybersecurity, rely significantly on content writers.
Every IT firm has a blog on their website where the content writer educates the public on the necessity of cybersecurity, updated tech info, new tech innovations and specifics related to Information Technology through ou the entire public sector.

E-Commerce Platform

Many e-commerce companies, such as Flipkart, Myntra, and Amazon, rely heavily on content writers. For example, before a buyer decides to trust a business, they read online reviews, search engine sites, or social platforms to check the credibility of the brand and their products. This is to urge them to buy their items. Shoppers trust reviews far more than any other information offered during an advertisement or campaign.
Content writers use their writing skills to convince the audience through reviews, service information, graphic content, and other means. Such content writers are often known as product writers.

Creative Writer/Copywriter

Creative writers work on material that is brief and to the point, such as social media posts or graphic illustration. There are several social media sites that require captions to advertise their e-commerce transaction. In addition, text on graphic representations, such as a catchy phrase or slogan defining the product, is essential to capture the public’s attention.
A content writer is expected to perform on good promoted writing for their items as well as provide trendy engaging content. Basically, they work for the content targeted for advertisements.

Career Options as a Content Writer

Freelance Writer

As a writer, you must build a portfolio in your field. You may begin your content writing career as a freelancer on websites such as Upwork,,, and many more. It may be difficult at first to obtain clients, but with solid abilities and strategy, you will eventually begin to receive offers. Nowadays, many freelance writers are quite well paid.


Copywriting is also another popular job choice in the Content Writing industry. It is a piece of advertisement literature. This type of Content Writing truly stimulates the audience’s or readers’ desire to do particular activities. The activity might be to encourage users to sign up to your website, to persuade them to buy something, or to promote a specific brand or service. Cold email pitching for businesses or services is also part of copywriting.


You may earn a lot of money as a content writer by blogging. This might be a part-time or full-time work. Your earnings will vary according to how well you maintain your blog. It also relies on how many subscribers you have in your reach, as well as the marketing plan you use for your blog site. Another option to monetize your blog is to post advertisements on it.

News Writing

Presently, audiences prefer to read the daily news from the internet since it is more handy. Famous newspapers increasingly publish online editions that are designed to be usable on mobile devices as well. The Content Writers provide the content for these newspapers.
When it comes to Newspapers and Magazines, there are several opportunities for content writers in India. The Journalist community like this type of Content Writing the most, but as a writer, you may also write for News and Magazines.


A further popular field of Content Writing is Script Writing, which has a lot of earning potential as a creative Content writer. An average screenwriter in India makes between 98,920 and 1163,493, according to the Quora website. Scriptwriting is often done for the film. As a developed film industry, Indian scriptwriters get a wide range of career opportunities.

Web Content Writing

Websites are used by firms, organisations, institutions, and government agencies to convey information with their clients or visitors. Another rich field of Content Writing is Website Content Development. You may hone your skills in writing and developing website pages such as landing sites, home pages, and so on.

Academic Writer

Academic Writers are needed by educational organisations, colleges, and other enterprises that deal with education. Such authors must create a program for a certain subject of study, as well as books, research papers, and other research. This component of content development in India necessitates some knowledge of the subject matter.
As an academic writer, you must adhere to specific forms of writing or writing criteria.

Technical Writer

Technical writing is one of the most intriguing topics of Content Writing. Creating user manuals, brochures, software descriptions, and gathering and authoring standard operating procedures for a firm, activity, or event is what technical writing entails. It also entails the creation of legal papers pertaining to a certain technological subject.
It may also involve the creation of contracts for various enterprises or activities. This category of Content Writing currently encompasses the creation of any type of technical documents, such as an analysis, a summary, or indeed any document that provides technical knowledge.

Establish Own Content Writing Business

Of course, you cannot just start a new business; you must have significant expertise in that field. So, once you are sure of your abilities, we believe that beginning a content writing service business is an excellent way to generate money.
Content writing as a career choice provides several chances, especially as the market’s need for content grows. Information writing as a career choice provides several chances, especially as the market’s need for content grows. Almost 70% of industries in India hire content writers.


Maintain consistency and patience. Writing is fundamentally a vital and satisfying talent, but it is also a laborious task. You must be attentive and a skilled worker. Approach clients by putting yourself in their shoes, understanding their requirements and experiencing ownership of the particular needs.
As the famous Canadian writer said, “Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff”
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