Apps To Boost Your Social Media Marketing, 2022

Apps to boost your Social Media Marketing 2022:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Canva
  • REP
  • Facebook Business Suite
  • Facebook Ad manager
  • Iconsquare
  • Smarp
  • Achor. Fm
  • Hyperlapse
  • Snapseed
  • Mention
  • Moz Keyword Researcher

Apps to boost your Social Media Marketing 2022:


Bufferapp is a social media marketing software solution that may be used for a variety of purposes. The capacity to compose and schedule content for distribution across various social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, is the main feature of Buffer. Apps to boost your Social Media Marketing 2022

You can use Buffer to schedule posts for multiple platforms at different times. The app assists you in determining the optimal time and period to post (market precision analytics). Buffer allows you to collect the metrics for each post. Buffer makes your post schedule more constant and adaptable.


Hootsuite’s capabilities are extremely similar to those of Buffer and another famous social media management system. It allows you to produce, organize, schedule, post, and track your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, as well as communicate directly with your audience on those platforms.

Hootsuite allows you to manage many postings from a single location. You may plan your posts ahead of time, much like Buffer, and monitor post stats for each one. Furthermore, the Hootlet Plug-In offers you to effortlessly exchange information, enable social listening, and handle customer support services on social media more efficiently. It may also be used to forecast advantageous team collaboration initiatives.


The Canva app provides exposure to custom build templates as well as editing options for polished, artistic graphics. Canva has an Instagram story editor, the story highlights creator, Facebook ads and posters, Twitter posters, YouTube thumbnails, postcards, invites, picture mixes, and pretty much anything else you can think of for social media graphics.

The app is a free design platform that does not require professional graphic design abilities to create an appealing visual template. It features an infinite number of font style options, around 700 font types, and countless graphic templates. It has a highly user-friendly UI for making your feed more appealing.


REP is a public commercial marketplace where people like digital creators, bloggers, influencers and brand owners can communicate to form a collaboration. Here the brand can publish a product for a digital creator or influence to collaborate with. The creator can request complimentary, sponsored, or PPC collaborations.

REP also provides influencers with contest goodies and metrics for user interaction, public engagement, and so forth.

Facebook Business Suite 

Facebook has evolved into a vast community of content, including Groups, Marketplace, Explore, Watch, Games, Newsfeed, and so on. Maintaining it all alongside your business account page might be tricky.

Facebook’s Business Suite Originally known as the Pages Manager app, allows you to do everything in one spot, including publishing, commenting, responding, answering to private messages, modifying page settings and photos, and recording analytics. The best thing is that this is not a premium tool; it is completely free and well worth it.

Facebook Ads Manager

Creating and running ad campaigns is a time-consuming activity that requires hours of effort. The initial stage of where to and how to might be a time-consuming task. Advertising Manager is a Facebook application that allows you to design and administer Facebook ads, making your job easier. All Facebook campaigns, ad settings, and advertising may be viewed, changed, and tracked. You may use Ads Manager to Set ad campaigns. Advertising Manager allows you to construct business advertising in a step-by-step manner using an advert creator.

Each aspect of a Facebook ad campaign strategy can be managed from a mobile device using their Ads Manager tools. Budgets can be optimized, copied, or adjusted from any place. Alternatively, you may publish content from your smartphone which can also be used for future promos.


Although Iconosquare now supports both Facebook and Instagram, it has proven to be more beneficial as a tool for managing the whole Instagram activity and visibility. Through this, you can handle several accounts from your mobile device, and their posting, modifying, and monitoring progress. A great app to record stats too on Insta and pic relevant hashtags.

Both developing content and timing become much easier on the mobile-first platform, whether you’re posting fresh content or sharing another user’s post. It enables you to connect with the audience and notifies you about lost and acquired followers, as well as overall positive and negative outcomes.


Gaining brand trust has grown more challenging, and with constantly frugal newsfeed algorithms, peer-to-peer social shares are becoming more vital components of your digital marketing strategy.

If you want your team and clients to keep informed and involved throughout the project process, you must provide a consistent and engaging environment for everyone to connect transparently.

Smarp’s digital institutional networking and outreach platform makes it simple to convert any individual into a brand ambassador and distribute articles on social media. All teammates may effortlessly access, post, and recommend handpicked stuff to publish on social media using Smarp’s mobile app.

Anchor. FM

Anchor.FM is an audio application that can be used for micro-podcasting, audio streaming, Q&As, and other purposes. You can use it to produce new content, such as podcasts and audio clips which you post on your social media platforms. Audio recordings and notations make it convenient to generate audio for social networks. There are no trial periods or monthly fees for hosting.

The software is simple to use; you can record anything straight from your phone with a sense of professionalism by making a few settings adjustments. It also informs you of podcast quality qualifications to obtain sponsors and collaborations.


Hyperlapse is a new app that produces seamless and stable time-lapse video footage. The smartphone app allows you to store files at various speeds and share them on many channels. This simple application has reduced the demand for gimbals and shooting gear.

Whether you’re traveling about or taking a rough journey on cars or any mode of transport, Hyperlapse mechanically mellows your videos for spectacular clarity. Videos can be posted directly to Instagram or saved on your device to post on other platforms and for further use.


Producing graphic content isn’t enough; the graphics must be outstanding and appealing. In short, you need to edit it nicely to get it up to par. Considering good camera capture quality and built-in editing on smartphones, this is not an excuse to avoid manual editing.

Snapseed is a fantastically comprehensive yet user-friendly photo-editing application that allows you to perfect graphic content. It’s much easier to edit and upload from the smartphone itself without any PC transfer heckles. It may appear tough at first, but with practice, you will develop some remarkable editing abilities.


A surveillance system like Mention is essential for locating all crucial discussions for your company to connect with on social media while monitoring any subject, brand, or keyword.

The mobile app enables you to track and participate in discussions, connect with your organization, and receive analytics to aid your strategic plan. It can check how frequently your company is mentioned by others, as well as the pertinent actions taken on your business account on social media. It is simple to operate and reasonably priced. Also, it helps you track your competitors’ performance and activities. 

Moz Keyword Explorer

The Moz Keyword Explorer is a time-saving keyword analysis tool that assists you in locating valuable phrases and organizing them into categories. Moz makes it easy by showing you the volume and relevancy of each relevant term you search for, so you don’t have to waste time figuring out which keywords are being used by the public to search for your business.

It cleanly combines keyword research data and simplifies sophisticated evaluations, allowing you to be productive each day.

All of these may easily use on your smartphone, allowing you to boost your social media marketing even while on the go. These are about Apps to boost your Social Media Marketing 2022.

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