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Apple Air Pods Could Be Charged via USB-C as Early As 2023

Apple’s great analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction via his Twitter handle has increased the chances of having USB Type-C in Apple Air pods as early as 2023.

“I Predict Apple Will launch USB-C capable charging cases for all Air Pods models in 2023. However, the Charging Cases of the new Air Pods Pro 2 Launched in 2H22 may still support lightening.” Said Mr. Ming.

Though Kuo said that a second-generation Air Pods model launched in 2022 would still ship with a Lightning charging case.

Apple Air Pods to be charged via USB-C port in 2023

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Apple Inc. is testing future Air Pods models which will replace the current Lightning charging port with a more prevalent USB- C connector.

The move to USB-C will be the second port change in Apple’s history. In Beginning as Apple used the popular 30-pin iPod connector years ago.

With the iPhone 5, Apple switched to the smaller Lightning port, which can be inserted into the iPhone telling about its more durable design in either direction.

Apple Air Pods to be charged via USB-C port in 2023A major reason for the change is the EU’s decision to force phone and other device makers to adopt USB-C. The legislation for such a requirement was approved by a majority vote of the Assembly in the month of April 2020.

After Ming’s tweet, the chances increase that Apple may release Air Pods charging cases with USB-C ports for all of its Air Pods in 2023.

Customers aspire to it for its simplicity and accessible meet. Customers believe that with the advent of USB Type C, they will be able to get it easily. Also, the charger will go to them at a good affordable price.


However, there has not been any official announcement from the Apple company that confirms that they will replace the Lightning Charger with a USB Type-C port.

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