6 Easy Steps You Should Follow to Choose Right Keywords for Your SEO Strategy

Keyword Research is the most vital part of your SEO strategy. Without perfect keywords, you can’t improve your website’s ranking on the search engines. Keywords are the most significant SEO ranking factor and Google uses them while deciding where to rank your valuable content in search results pages. If you choose the right keywords then Google will easily understand what your content is all about and display them easily easy at the correct time in the search results. So, it is obvious that the right keywords have an important role in SEO and marketing. Right Keywords for SEO Strategy

But most people still don’t know how to research the right keywords for SEO. There are various easy ways that you can follow to search for proper keywords. In this blog, we’ll mention some easy steps which you can use to find the best and right keywords. But first, you have to know what keyword research is and why it is most important.

We’re going to give you detailed information about keyword research which will help you to choose the right and best keywords for your SEO strategy and online business. Read the blog to the end.

Definition of Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of scrutinizing and finding the most popular keywords and phrases that people enter into various search engines. The keywords are the perfect guidance for the direction of your content and marketing strategy. There are mainly 3 types of keywords such as head, body and long-tail keywords.

Head keywords normally contain only 1 or 2 words and they also have a high search volume. Body keywords consist of 2 to 3 words with a standard search volume, not too high or not too low. Long tail keywords contain 4 or more words with a lower search volume.  Right Keywords for SEO Strategy

Now you need to know why you should choose the proper keywords for your SEO strategy and online business.

Why Keywords Research is Vital for SEO Strategy?

Keyword research allows you to know your customer in a better way by searching popular topics. Once you know what your customers and other viewers are searching for, you can improve your content to provide the appropriate answers they require. Right Keywords for SEO Strategy

In general, keyword research is also beneficial for various marketing and promotional actions, including email marketing. This is also beneficial for PPC advertising and other competitive research. If you want to improve your own content strategy for online business then you can check which keywords your competitors are using for developing their content strategies. 

In our blog, you can find some ideal ways to find proper and valuable keywords for your SEO strategy and many more.

Let’s have a look at them.

How to choose the right keywords?

If you haven’t enough knowledge about proper keyword research then this blog is the best guide for you. Follow the steps mentioned below if you want to choose the right keywords for your SEO strategy:

1. Study the Search Intent of Your Target Audience: 

It is the most important step in keyword research. It helps you to recognize what keywords should be selected, based on why users search them. If you want to select the right keywords with the best search results then you have to think like your clients. You have to think about some basic questions such as Why would they search for your topic? Are they desiring to purchase something? Are they wanting answers to their questions? Or are they searching for a particular service to solve a specific issue? and many more. Once you collect a good knowledge of the search intent of the customers, you might be able to find the right keywords. Try to find keywords that straightly match your customers’ search intent.

2. Make Use of Good Keyword Research Tools:

If you can’t find proper keywords then you can use various keyword research tools to find the right and valuable keywords. There are various good keyword research tools you can find. 

Google Keyword Planner tool is a useful tool for finding proper keywords. It is a free tool and it allows you to know which keywords are suitable and can work properly and which keywords aren’t suitable for your online business. You can open it through the Google Ads platform. You just need to create an account and use the planner to enter a keyword. That’s it.

If you want to use another tool then you may use Moz Explorer. It is also a helpful tool to find the right keywords. It displays a complete report that contains organic CTR and a SERP analysis. 

3. Find Long Tail Keywords: Right Keywords for SEO Strategy

Long-tail keywords are the most suitable and helpful keywords for your online business as they are more descriptive. If you want to match the keyword with your customer’s search intent then Long-Tail keywords are the easiest and most useful keywords for you. It will attract more customers to your content rather than small keywords.

Generally, long-tail keywords receive fewer clicks, but as they focus on a particular product or topic, they frequently receive a higher conversion rate.

4. Know More About Your Competitors:

If you want to find the right and valuable keywords then you also have to know more about your competitors. You need to know which keywords your competitors are using and what are their strategies in keyword research. The better you understand your competitors, the better keywords you’ll find for your SEO. 

To know about your competitors’ keyword research, you can use the paid version of Keyword Tool Pro. This tool has a competitor analysis feature that will efficiently help you to study your competitors. You can also find out the best and right keywords by examining your competitors’ websites.

SEMrush can also help you to analyze your competitors. 

5. Link the Keywords with Your Landing Pages:

It is also a vital step that you should definitely follow. First, you have to improve your landing pages if you want to link your selected keywords with the landing pages, else they won’t perform. Landing pages show targeted content, so the optimization process is vital if you want them to link with your selected keywords. Your selected keywords will fit in the landing page’s title, headlines, and image tags. All the titles, headlines and other contents on the landing pages should be relevant to the selected keywords.

6. Improve Your Keywords with LSI: 

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is a good way of saying word association. Google uses this to create relevant results through context. It helps the search engines to understand easily what you want to mean through your keywords.

To do this, you need to go to Google and start to type a keyword or phrase. The autocomplete feature of LSI shows results based on your keywords. But the keywords will change if you keep trying constantly. Related searches will also be shown at the bottom of the screen. LSI is very important and useful to improve your keywords list. Google has also stated that LSI is important, so you can use them to get more benefits.


So, these are some great steps that you should follow to find the right and valuable keywords for your SEO. Selecting the best and right keywords will be very much effective on your business website rankings. So, choosing the proper keywords is vital for the improvement of your online business. Whether you’re running a blog website, a small business, or a big company, you must choose the right and valuable keywords to improve your content and marketing actions.

If you properly follow these easy steps, you can surely choose the proper keywords to create a better content and SEO strategy. You can also collaborate with a good SEO agency and take help from them to choose the right keywords.

Hopefully, this blog will serve you with all the necessary information about keyword research. 

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